Annual General Meetings

We will help you organise your Annual General Meetings or Shareholders Meetings to satisfaction, so that your shareholders keep satisfied with their investments. We are aware how important it is for your shareholders to be able to ask questions about your company´s health, and the plans for development and improvement the upcoming year. Besides that, it is a great opportunity to gain new investors into your company.


Board Meetings

As you are aware, board meetings are difficult to plan and organise, since many board members often are situated in several places in the world. That is why cities such as Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona are great locations, since they have the infrastructure needed for travel and the facilities to have the perfect board meeting where your important targets, goals and business strategies can be discussed. We will arrange the transportation, locations and food and beverage, so you can spend your time for your presentation.


Business dinners or banquets

Even short “simple” dinners or banquets comes with great planification and can be a burden. Finding the perfect location for all the attendees and that there is enough food available and the ambiance and settings are perfect can be time wrecking. We have the experience of organising your business diner or banquet. What you save in employee time and stress may far outweigh the monetary expense.


Conferences and conventions:

Conferences and conventions come with great organization. They always take a lot of time and effort to have the right location, getting the hundreds or thousands to attend, make sure there is enough accommodation in the location and if there is enough food and beverages available. Both Spain and Portugal offer great locations and infrastructure for conferences. They can be held in big cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Lisbon, but if there is a smaller group of attendees you can take smaller cities such as Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao or Porto as a destiny. We will come with several options and together we will make sure that your conference comes to a success.


Expo´s and fairs

Expo´s and fairs are great opportunities for business owner to promote their products to either the B2B or the B2C markets. Whether it will be at the larger IFEMA in Madrid or Fira de Barcelona or the smaller Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga or the EXPONOR in Porto. We can help both the organizer of the Expo´s or fairs event or if you participate as a business at one of these events. We can organize the logistics of transportation, find the adequate accommodation, make sure that dinner is available afterwards or organizing meetings for afterwards.