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Top 5 Markets in Portugal

If you’re a foodie looking for where to buy the freshest produce or looking for a great place to purchase some wears or wines, you might be interested in these top five markets in Portugal. According to numerous reviews from visitors, these markets offer virtually anything you want, which is an edge.

Markets have been in Portugal for centuries; they do not lack as they run in their hundreds and thousands. As a tourist or visitor, these top 5 markets will be your ideal location for all your shopping needs.

  1. Market Bolhao, Porto

The original lcoation of this market is closed for some renovation. In other words, the market is now located at La Vie mall. Take a visit to the market and the first thing you will notice is how clean the market is. There are a lot of stands for fresh seafood, dry foods, fruits, and even flowers. The produce from this market is new and well displayed. According to numerous visitors, it is one of the best markets they’ve ever visited.

  • Market Olhao

If you’re looking to get fresh food, fruits, and vegetables, you might want to give this market a try. You will find different varieties of fish, with friendly vendors. On a warm day, it is perfect for staying there overlooking the marina. The market is open all week, except on Sundays. The best day of shopping is Saturday, as the market is fuller and offers more.

  • Market Mercado do Livremento Setúbal

This market is also great when it comes to fresh foods and fish. But some visitors have complained about the expensiveness, which can be a turn off to most people. Aside from the pricey produce, it is one of the best Portuguese markets, and you will see residents buying groceries and numerous other household items. It is a lively market, as everyone is focused on getting what they came for. It is a clean market and one of the best markets in the world.

  • Barcellos Market

It is a vast Thursday market, with tons of items ranging from tat to beautiful fruits and flowers stalls. Overall, things are cheap and offer an extensive shopping experience. To many visitors, this is the best market in Portugal since it offers virtually everything. The most extensive section is, no doubt, the clothing and vegetable stalls. You will even get some pottery items, which is another interest you might incur in your stay.

  • Loulé Market

On the outside of this market, you will find some vendors selling various fruits and vegetables. Mind you; these products are so beautifully presented that you will find yourself drawn. When you go inside, you will find tons of produce, from fresh fish to honey, cake, and numerous other produce. You can get virtually anything in this big food market.


There are lots of markets in Portugal, but the markets mentioned above have been considered the best by visitors. Not only are the markets cheap, but their products are also fresh and incredible.