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Hike along the Caminito del Rey
Self-guided hiking vacation in Andalusia with a large variety of landscapes

8 Day hike Caminito del Rey (Malaga) and the White Villages

This 8-day self-guided hiking vacation in Andalusia combines a large variety of landscapes with picturesque white village in the Malaga province. The highlight will be the Caminito del Rey, a walking path at 100 meters above the surface.


  Marvel in Ronda, a town split in half by a canyon. Walk the bridge binding both parts together. Hike 100 meters down to the bottom of the canyon and visualize its waterfall from below. 

 Have a thrilling walk on the Caminito del Rey through a valley on a path, 100 meters above the surface. 

 Indulge in the rawness of rural life as you cross-paths with the local shepherd and his goats or the farmer on his tractor.

 What’s a tour if you’re not shocking your taste buds a little? You can have the freshest harvest fruits and vegetables that the local restaurants use, together with a local made Spanish wines each evening.

  Visit the National Park of El Torcal, a karts mountain area with rock formations and mountain goats jumping from rock to rock.


Day 1 - Arrival to Malaga - Ronda

On the first day, you are free to roam around the historic town of Ronda. The town is infamous for a bridge that connects both of its parts – it flies over a massive canyon. There is the opportunity to walk all the way down and standing at a couple feet distance from the canyon waterfall.

The historic Arab side of Ronda is one of the most conserved in Spain. Visit an Arabic house, a bath house and its city wall.

Optional Service 1): Private Airport Transfer Service

If you prefer to start your vacation in a relaxing way, we offer you a private airport transfer service from the Malaga Airport to Ronda, which is around a one and a half hour drive.

Price: € 135,- (price is per taxi for up to 4 people)

Optional Activity 2): Winery visit

Ronda´s wine is a hidden secret still to be discovered. You will be warmly received by the owner of the winery and proudly show you around his finca. The winery tour will last for an hour seeing the vineyards, the place where the wine is processed followed by a tasting session of several kinds of wine. Ideally, you should do this either on the day of arrival or add an extra day to the package if you please.

Price: € 55,- Including transfer to the winery and back to Ronda, a private guided tour by an English speaking local guide and a tasting session of 2 types of wine.

Day 2 - Ronda – Setenil de las Bodegas - Cuevas del Becerro

25 kilometers   6 hours    ↑216 meters ↓220 meters

On the first day, you walk the most kilometres, but the path is mostly flat. The route is laid along tractor paths walking besides agricultural fields. You will see olive trees as far as the eye can see. The hike will come to an end in Setenil de las Bodegas, a unique and cosy town where houses are made inside huge boulders.

At 16:00, Mr. Alfredo Ponce, the owner of your accommodation in Cuevas del Becerro, will pick you up to take you to this house. After a shower you have the time to explore your first white Andalusian village.

Day 3 - Cuevas del Becerro – Serrato - Ardales

21 kilometers 5 hours ↑384 meters ↓798 meters

On the third day, after having a rejuvenating and nutritious breakfast, you will start your second hiking day. Leaving your accommodation, you will see how the sun will be greeting you.

The first part of the hike is fairly light. It’s a seven kilometres walk to a nearby village called Serrato. The village has 2 bars, a supermarket and a church. A perfect please to sip some fresh coffee as the village’s daily life unfolds within your sight.

The path forward begins to lead towards a peak of the mountains – which is at about 1200 meters. Here you have a splendid view of the green hills and turquoise blue lakes. From here the journey shifts it direction downwards as we begin to hike to Ardales. A lovely village with a pleasant main square, usually filled with terraces..

Day 4 - Ardales – El Chorro

19 kilometers 5 hours ↑687 meters ↓728 meters

On Day 4, the route enters pine tree forests as it leaves towards El Chorro. You will be trekking across the GR-7 –Grand Route), which goes from Tarifa, the most southern town in Spain and leads all the way to Thessaloniki in Eastern Greece. Hikers will experience the majesty of the cliffs of Desafiladero de Gaitanes as well as a 3-kilometer wide canyon. Usually, a mountain range or other far stretched rocky regions have wildlife of their own. This region is a National Protected Area for Birds of Prey, so don´t be surprised to see vultures circling above your head, looking for rabbits. 

You sleep tonight in one of the many Bed and Breakfasts, the hamlet of El Chorro has to offer.

Day 5 - El Chorro - Caminito del Rey

7 kilometers 3 hours ↑120 meters ↓150 meters

On the morning you will wake up in your accommodation in the middle of the nature with birds singing. In the morning you will take a local bus to the clear blue lakes of Ardales where you will start your walk on the Caminito del Rey. The path is 7 kilometers long and on average at 100 meters high and takes you through the valley of El Chorro. This path will definitely be one of your highlights, on this trip. After the walk you will end up in El Chorro again, where you can walk back to your hotel.

*Note: The Caminito del Rey is a very safe path to walk. However, in case of bad weather conditions such as strong wind or rain, the company will close the trail due to safety regulations.

Day 6 - El Chorro - Valle de Abdalajis

12 kilometers 4 hours ↑220 meters ↓150 meters

This day´s walk is quite leisurely. The route starts along the cliffs of the Desafiladero de Gaitanes Nature Park. Above on the cliffs you will see plenty of vultures and oddly enough, rock climbers. This wall attracts rock climbers from all over the world and has more than 2000 climbing routes. You walk through more pine forests today, which will slowly disappear and transform into agricultural landscapes. Don´t be surprised if either today or tomorrow you will be greeted by a shepherd herding its goats. This area is famous for its goatmilk cheese. You stay in Valle de Abdalajis, a sleepy town in a valley, from which it its name receives.

Day 7 - Valle de Abdalajis - Antequera

21 kilometers 6 hours ↑732 meters ↓589 meters

After a healthy breakfast you start the final climb towards the edges of the El Torcal National Park. A winding road takes you passing agricultural fields and large farm houses. In the far distance you will hear the bells clinging, knowing where to spot the herds of goats. Once you reach the area of El Torcal you will see the rock formations, formed 200 million years ago. You will leave the park and make your final descend to Antequera, the town with the highest church density of Spain. A beautiful town to finish this hiking trail.

Optional activity: El Torcal visit. On the next day (day 8) one of our guides can take you deep in to the El Torcal National Park. He is al local guide and knows all of the secret places to go and visit. He will explain you all about the geology, flora and fauna and with some luck he will take you to see some mountain goats that walk freely, jumping from rock to rock.

Price: € 55,- per person including transportation to and from Antequera and a 2-hour walk with an English speaking guide.
Price: € 55,- (Transportation to and from Antequera and a 2-hour walk with an English speaking guide).

Day 8 - Malaga - Home?

You can either return by public transport back to Malaga or with a taxi. You fly from Malaga back home. Do you wish to extend your trip or add a few extra stops, let us know and we will tailor make this trip for you as you wish.

Optional activity: Private taxi transfer. We can save you the hassle to find or search for a taxi on the day of departure. The taxi will pick you up from your hotel and take you to your new destination, whether it will be Malaga airport, Malaga city or a different destination.

Price: € 75,- per taxi for a 45-minute ride from Antequera to either Malaga city or airport with a capacity of maximum 4 people.

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  • 4 noches en hotel
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