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James Bond´s spy hide out : Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a municipality in the Lisbon District of Portugal, with a large population of 207,400 as of 2011. Over the years, it has become a prominent tourist destination, as there are many attractions to behold. Its history is rich, with friendly natives that would compel you to visit again. 

If you’re a fan of James Bond, it will interest you to know that the exotic locations in the movie were in Cascais. Aside from the actions and stunts pulled in the film, there was something spectacular about the site, which has made this destination a tourist’s dream.

Take note that Cascais was once a small fishing village. But today, it has become one of the buzzing places in the whole of Portugal. Its proximity to the capital city might have played a crucial role in its popularity.

You will find the big, brash resort of Estoril, coupled with a grand casino and several golf courses. Ever head of Ian Fleming? Maybe the name sounds familiar. Just like some intelligence officers or perhaps, spies, he was stationed in this remote hamlet. Many believed the casino inspired him to write the novel, “Casino Royale.” Judging by the name, they might be right. 

Cabo da Roca is also an exciting place, as tourists are mostly interested to see the most westerly point in Europe. It is a terrific experience, as tourists acquire certificates proving they have been there. There are numerous cases where tourists break down in tears if they are unable to obtain the €11 certification. 

What is most alluring with this destination is the wind-blasted landscape or gigantic cliffs and raging seas. The beauty of nature is most evident in this location and has become a favorite center for tourists every year.

You will find this incredible location between the Sintra Mountains and what made it a top tourist destination. The town holds numerous events every year, especially sailing and surfing.

One of the most popular beaches for this kind of event is the Guincho beach, which is 8km to the north of Cascais. If you want to have a thrilling experience, a bike ride is recommended. There are no hills, which means you won’t have to struggle to pedal.

Another wonder in Portugal is the Pena Palace. Numerous sources regard the Pena Palace as a romanticist castle right in the municipality of Sinter. In terms of administration, the city is divided into four civil parishes.

A trip to Cascais is not complete without seeing Mercado da Vila, a traditional market where the natives sell and buy freshly caught fish. Not just that, they also sell locally produced handicrafts that are so wonderfully made. Someone native looking to buy these newly caught fish, they have to shop early. By 2 pm, most of the goods are finished. The manner of commerce in this vibrant region never fails to portray their culture and rich history.

Cascais is one of the most exciting destinations in Portugal that you need to visit, as it comes with plenty of impressive experience.