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Where to visit in the Sierra Nevada

Where to visit in the Sierra Nevada Some basic facts and figures In the world there are two Sierra Nevada National Parks, one of them is in the state of Nevada in the USA, the other one is in Spain´s most southern region of Andalusia […]

Spain´s Extra Virgen Olive Oil

History of of the Olive oil from Spain 2000 Years ago the olive oil was brought by the Phoenicians and the Greek to Spain. A few centuries later when the Romans invadaded Spain they cultivated even more olive trees, since the land of Spain gave […]

Oranges From Valencia And Seville In Spain

No doubt, oranges are among the vital citrus crop in the world, especially in Spain. There are numerous varieties, and they all have their uniqueness when it comes to taste and appearance. The region that tends to produce the most oranges in Spain is Valencia. […]