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The Spanish lottery

The Spanish lottery  The Spanish lottery is not just a normal lottery, it is part of the Spanish culture. Especially with Christmas, people get together to watch with tension the national lottery drawing. On the 22nd of December 100.00 Balls are rolling, 2 million people […]

What to drink in Spain

Spain, the country of the Sangría … or not? The famous Spanish drink is known as Sangría, a cocktail from red wine, orange juice, and fruits, served normally in a large jar, is more famous outside of Spain, than inside the country. You´ll rarely see […]

How to travel and get around Spain?

Spain is Europe´s 3rd biggest country, with 505,992 km2, after France and Ukraine (not counting Russia or Turkey), so it’s quite a big country by European standards. When looking at a global level, Spain is the 51st biggest country, so quite small compared to countries […]

False friends in the Spanish language

False friends in the Spanish language “False friends” – for those unfamiliar with the term, here’s a quick intro. The term “false friends” refers to a word which exists in two languages, but has two different meanings. This causes some confusion when used incorrectly both […]

Real Madrid – The team of the 21st century?

Real Madrid – The team of the 21st century? Spain´s capital Madrid is home to three teams, Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid. For some time, Atletico Madrid was a great challenge to Real Madrid, while Rayo Vallecano has always been dangling in between […]

The symbol of the bull in Spain

The symbol of the bull in Spain The image of the bull of Spain might be the strongest identification of a country and also the most contradictory. This blog is about the image of the bull in Spain, and not so much about bullfighting. This […]

Spain´s Extra Virgen Olive Oil

History of of the Olive oil from Spain 2000 Years ago the olive oil was brought by the Phoenicians and the Greek to Spain. A few centuries later when the Romans invadaded Spain they cultivated even more olive trees, since the land of Spain gave […]

Oranges From Valencia And Seville In Spain

No doubt, oranges are among the vital citrus crop in the world, especially in Spain. There are numerous varieties, and they all have their uniqueness when it comes to taste and appearance. The region that tends to produce the most oranges in Spain is Valencia. […]